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Create Xero invoices directly in HubSpot

Invoicing in HubSpot the easy way

Creating, editing and sending invoices is now even easier

Create invoices

Create Xero invoices directly from HubSpot for the convience of being able to organise everything in one place.

Sync with Xero

Invoices created in HubSpot are 100% authentic Xero invoices, and can therefore still be managed in Xero.

Edit invoices

Edit draft invoices created in HubSpot through the XSync panel to streamline processes and save time.

Draft an invoice

If you're not quite ready to send the invoice, you can save it as a draft and return to it later.

Save & attach invoice

If you prefer to email your client directly (ie. not from Xero), you can save your invoice as a pdf file and attach it to an email manually.

Send for approval

Invoices can be sent to a HubSpot team member for approval, directly from the XSync window, prior to sending it to the client.

Email invoices

Invoices are emailed directly to the customer from your Xero account to ensure a consistent mailing address.

Track invoice status

Track the status of your invoice without leaving HubSpot. The XSync panel will show whether an invoice is outstanding, overdue, part paid or fully paid.

HubSpot workflow integration

XSync pushes invoice information into the deal or contact properties meaning workflows can be set up based on invoice status. Move your deals through the pipeline when an invoice is paid.

Pre-populate deal info

Pre-populate deal products, amounts and discounts directly into your invoice with no need for double handling. Invoice fields can still be manually updated if needed (requires HubSpot Sales Pro license).

Pre-populate due dates

Due dates are pulled through from Xero automatically, based on the account terms set in Xero against that contact.

Set compulsory reference numbers

Reference numbers can be set as a compulsory field in your settings for consistency regardless of which of your team members is creating the invoice.

Track payments

Invoice payments are added to the deal timeline so you can have better visibility of payment progress. The timeline is updated when an invoice is created, and every time a payment is made. 

Want a new feature?

Got an idea for a new feature that will make your life easier. Let us know and we’ll look into it